What is the Purpose of this Website?


Here you will find advice and information from professionals working in the medical field, as well as students who are currently in schooling to purse a medical career. Through the interviews I have conducted, you will be able to learn about specific careers and branches of medicine My website includes the following careers: Nurse, Doctor, Speech Pathologist, Physician Assistant, Pharmacist).

Hopefully this website will help you gain a better understanding of what these careers are all about, as well as an idea of the path you need to take if deciding to pursue one of the chosen careers.


A special thanks to all of those that took an interest in my project.  The following Seton alums gave up their time to help me, and I am very appreciative.

Students — Mackenzie Beiersdorfer, Taylor Beiersdorfer, Kelsey Cappel, Julie Corbett, Kathryn Eary, Emily Klumb, Olivia Klumb, Julia Kohler, Kate McHale, Emily Sedler, Kara Stahl,  Carmen Sunderman

Professionals — Amy Brauch, Gina Fieler, Courtney Larke (Gay), Kirsten Lange Koch, Emily (Gay) Hurley, Tara Inman-Horton, Sara Riestenberg Neiderhausen, Jenifer Johnson, Julie Potzick, Cayla Schmitt, Bailey Arnold, Beth Haney Joecken, Nicole Kamstra